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01. How old do I have to be to tutor with FPT?

Right now, we are only accepting high school tutors who go to a school set up with Free Peer Tutors. In the future, we hope to expand so that we can have college and middle school students as tutors. 

03. Will sessions ever take place in person?

Yes, the hope is that when COVID-19 is no longer a threat, FPT will host in person sessions. For now, all sessions are taking place over Zoom. Our first priority is the health and safety of our students and tutors. 

02. What do I need to prepare for my FPT session?

All you need is your learning materials from school and yourself! Bring the materials that you would like to go over with your tutor. This could be a textbook, homework assignment, worksheet, old test, etc. 

04. How does FPT ensure that the students are safe during their online sessions?

Safety is our number one priority. Right now, all tutors working with FPT have an ambassador at their school that screens all of the tutors before they can begin tutoring. The ambassadors confirm that the student attends their school and has no background of bad behavior. Also, all of the sessions are recorded so that, if a problem were to arise, we can assess the problem and find a solution. 

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