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Our Story

There is a large education access gap between underfunded public schools and both sufficiently funded public schools and private schools, and distance learning continues to widen that gap. One out of every four schools in America is considered high poverty, a higher rate than any other industrialized country. The inequality in the education system leads to an unequal distribution of opportunities for students coming from different communities and school systems. Distance learning is a harder way for all students to learn, but certain schools and families are hit harder because they do not have the time or resources to homeschool their kids or hire private tutors. As COVID-19 disrupts education, new research indicates that time away from the classroom will result in some students losing up to a year's worth of academic gains. Free Peer Tutors was built upon the idea that every student should be given the resources to learn and grow to their fullest. Free Peer Tutors hopes to be a vehicle for positive change within the education system that allows both students and tutors to be a part of the change through learning and teaching.

Why Free Peer Tutors?


Our high school tutors are self-driven to make a positive impact during this difficult time.


We work with both well-funded and under-funded schools. As the pandemic makes learning opportunities increasingly unequal, we strive to support all communities.


We connect students based on similar interests and activities. Many of our tutors continue to have a relationship with the younger students even after they are no longer meeting formally.

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