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We appreciate you!

Unfortunately, we cannot take online donations until we set up a system that ensures the protection of your donations. If you would like to donate by check or make a pledge for a future donation, please email

If you pledge a donation, we will let you know the moment our accounts are up and running! If not, check back in mid-November for online donations. 

With your donations, we are able to keep our website and scheduling services running so that tutors and students can easily book sessions. The easier the session is to book, the more FPT sessions are booked, and as sessions are booked, we create change in the education system.

In order to ensure the security of funds and personal information you can donate via;
1. Venmo - Freepeertutors_donations
2. Cash or check - email for more information

Each year we need about 500 dollars to keep the program running, although it is entirely volunteer run, the costs for a domain name and website upkeep are hard to maintain.
With a donation you allow the team to spend less time fundraising through bakesales, benefits, etc. And spend more time expanding our tutor and student base through outreach.
With a donation you can keep the program running smoothly and improve our ability to expand our network.

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